Meet Clyde

600 lumens. Multiple personalities. Infinite possibilities.

Add some personality to your home with Fabule's first offering: Clyde. He's a colorful and expressive lamp that's made to be personalized, and he's looking for a good home.

A bright desk lamp
With an ambient light in every color of the rainbow and an ultrabright, energy efficient LED spotlight, Clyde lights up your world however you want.

With expressive personalities
Clyde comes equipped with environmental sensors that he reacts to. Whether you want him to be "touchy feely" or "afraid of the dark", you decide Clyde?s personality.

A unique design
Is he an alien? Is he a jellyfish? Is he a robot? Clyde's design is truly unique, but also practical. Bendy legs let you hang him or point his spotlight anywhere.

Programmable as you like
Clyde is Arduino compatible and open-source. With a growing body of tutorials and guides, we aim to help you get creative with Clyde.

Pre-order now. Shipping in Spring 2015.


  • Desk light: 600 lumens
  • Ambient light: RGB, PWM controllable
  • Materials: plastic, aluminium, silicone, gooseneck
  • Height: 40cm on tippy toes
  • Arduino-compatible