Meet Clyde

600 lumens. Multiple personalities. Infinite possibilities.

Clyde is a lamp with a lot of personality that you can adapt, play with, and truly call your own. His features are:

  • A unique, organic design, manufactured to exacting quality standards.
  • High-intensity, energy-efficient LED task lighting.
  • Soft, colourful ambient lighting.
  • Bendy legs that can rest on or hang off of almost anything.
  • Designed to tinker with. We make it easy to understand how Clyde works, so you can adapt him to your purposes.
  • Personality settings and sensors make Clyde react to his environment.

Pre-order now. Shipping in January 2015.


  • Desk light: 600 lumens
  • Ambient light: RGB, PWM controllable
  • Materials: plastic, aluminium, silicone, gooseneck
  • Height: 40cm on tippy toes
  • Arduino-compatible